Community Service

Protection Against Sexual Predators. Since Sheriff Witt took office, Fayette County has had a 98% conviction rate against sexual predators. Sheriff Witt is committed to toughening Kentucky’s laws against sexual predators by lobbying for legislation that will increase penalties for sexually based offenses. Sheriff Witt is also committed to stopping cyber-bullying and preventing easy access to objectionable websites that prey on our children.

Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence. Fayette County’s domestic violence protection programs have become national models since Sheriff Witt took office. She will continue to dedicate resources to monitoring domestic violence perpetrators, educate victims on safety planning, and expediently respond to the needs of domestic violence victims in their time of crisis. Under Sheriff Witt’s leadership, the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff received the National Sheriffs’ Association Crime Victims Services Award and the International Association of Chiefs of Police Excellence in Victim Services Award.

Protecting Our Senior Citizens. Sheriff Witt believes in making sure that our seniors, one of the most vulnerable groups in our society, are protected against criminals who target them. That is why Sheriff Witt has a
dedicated team devoted to education seniors about crimes that tend to target their population.

Expanding Inmate Labor. Sheriff Witt believes that convicted offenders should pay their debt to society while serving time, not simply mark time in detention centers. That is why she sponsored a graffiti removal program that used inmate labor to erase over 4,500 graffiti “hits” in six months. Sheriff Witt wants to expand inmate labor to further benefit the Fayette County community.

Engaging Our Youth. Sheriff Witt recognizes her responsibility in ensuring that the team at the Office of Sheriff develops intentional relationships with all of Lexington’s citizens, especially our youth. Under her leadership, the McGruff program has been expanded along with new programs on Anti-Bullying, Books and Badges and Dating Violence.

Fiscal Accountability. Sheriff Witt recognizes and welcomes the responsibility and accountability that come with the duty to collect and distribute your tax dollars through the annual collection of property taxes. Sheriff Witt is a leader in modernizing the system of tax collection, being one of the first in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to automate the process by developing a user-friendly and secure Internet payment option, making it more safe and convenient for taxpayers to make tax payments on-line. The Office of the Fayette County Sheriff is audited annually by the Auditor of Public Accounts which has consistently expressed its approval of Sheriff Witt’s procedures and results. Under Sheriff Witt’s leadership, the Office of Sheriff has maintained a property tax collection rate greater than 99%.

Join the vision of Sheriff Witt where integrity and meeting the needs of the community count. Call 859-559-9898 to volunteer.