Mission: Committed to Service

A Voice for Victims.
The Role of the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff is to serve and protect the citizens of Fayette County. Sheriff Kathy Witt continues to serve Lexington as a voice for victims in Fayette County, serving, protecting and representing them in their time of need. As Sheriff, she continues to attack the issues that attack our community.

Operation Compassion. Sheriff Kathy Witt’s ability to effectively adapt to the critical needs of the community in a timely fashion is demonstrated through such programs as Winter Care, the annual Diana Ross Coat Drive, Operation Compassion’s COVID-19 response and the Western Kentucky tornado relief and Toy Drive. Leveraging the Office of Sheriff’s Commitment to Service, generous community resources and the compassionate response of all Lexingtonians will continue to be a hallmark of Sheriff Kathy Witt’s leadership.

Protection for Victims of Domestic Violence. Under Sheriff Kathy Witt’s leadership, the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff has been recognized nationally and internationally, receiving the National Sheriffs’ Association Crime Victims Services award and the International Association of Chiefs of Police Excellence in Victim Services award.

A model to other programs across the nation, Amanda’s Center for Local Resources housed within the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff continues to expand and network services and resources for victims of domestic violence. These resources include 24/7 access and assistance in filing for protective orders, safety planning, lock changes, security upgrades, transportation assistance and court ordered GPS monitoring of perpetrators. Sheriff Witt and the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff provide compassionate and expedient resources in response to the critical needs of victims.

Protection Against Sexual Predators. Sheriff Kathy Witt has been instrumental in toughening Kentucky’s laws against sexual predators that increase penalties for sexually based offenses. Thanks in part to the expanded Sex Offender Compliance Unit, Fayette County now has a 98% conviction rate against sexual predators. Sheriff Witt is also committed to stopping cyber-bullying and online crimes against children.

Fiscal Accountability. Sheriff Kathy Witt recognizes and welcomes the responsibility and accountability that come with the duty to collect and distribute your tax dollars through the annual collection of Fayette County property taxes. Sheriff Witt is a leader in modernizing the system of tax collection, being one of the first in the Commonwealth of Kentucky to automate the process by developing a convenient and secure on-line payment option. The Office of the Fayette County Sheriff has successful annual audits conducted by the Auditor of Public Accounts. Under Sheriff Witt’s leadership, the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff has maintained a property tax collection rate greater than 99%.

Protecting Our Senior Citizens. Sheriff Kathy Witt is committed to serving our senior citizens and vulnerable adults. In addition to speaking with community groups and educational events, Sheriff Witt and the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff developed the Dine with a Deputy program to build relationships among our retired community and provide education for our seniors about crimes that tend to target their population.

Funeral Escorts. Sheriff Kathy Witt and the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff provide escorts for funeral processions in Fayette County. This important service to our community provides a compassionate presence for family members and dignity for members of our community as they travel to their final resting place.

Expanding Inmate Labor. Sheriff Kathy Witt believes that a convicted offender paying their debt to society means more than simply marking time in a detention center. The graffiti removal program at the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff used inmate labor to erase over 4,500 graffiti “hits” within a six-month period. Sheriff Witt wants to expand inmate labor to further benefit the Fayette County community.

Engaging Our Youth. Sheriff Kathy Witt and the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff expanded relationships with Fayette County students through the addition of a Certified DARE program, and the expansion of McGruff Anti-Bullying programs and Dating Violence education. Deputies read to classrooms through Books and Badges and distribute donated books to students to encourage literacy at home. This program continued virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upgraded Equipment and Programs. Under Sheriff Kathy Witt’s Leadership, the Office of the Fayette County Sheriff has implemented and expanded multiple programs as well as implemented state of the art technology that bolsters employee safety as well as strengthening the safety net for all of Fayette County. These improvements include:

  • Certified DARE Program
  • Increased to a total of 7 KLEC Certified Law Enforcement Instructors and KLEC Certified Firearms Instructors
  • Upgraded Property & Evidence Vault
  • Funeral Escorts
  • Body Worn Cameras
  • Mobile Printers
  • Digital Radio Communications
  • Winter Care
  • Diana Ross Coat Drive
  • Dine With A Deputy
  • Med-Return
  • Books & Badges Outreach
  • 99.5%+ Property Tax Collection Rate
  • Amanda’s Center for Local Resources
  • Lyft Partnership
  • Motorcycle Unit
  • Bicycle Unit
  • K-9 Unit
  • Sex Offender Compliance Unit
  • Expansion of the Domestic Violence Unit
  • Operation Compassion COVID-19 Relief
  • Special Emergency Leave COVID-19 Employee Relief

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